In this episode we sit down with David Lindahl, a friend and colleague that recently pivoted his career from a the financial sector to web development.

Segment 1 - Introduce Yourself

  • Introductions and pathway to today

Segment 2 - Bootcamp

  • You mentioned that Code Fellows, which is where you took your classes, prefers to call it more of a coding school, or coding academy. What differences are there between traditional boot camps and a course at Code Fellows?
  • In general how was the experience?
  • Would you recommend the coding academy route for developers starting in the industry in 2018?
  • Would you say the connections you made during your time at Code Fellows has helped you finding work or been beneficial in any way so far?
  • What are some of the frameworks you learned?
  • What were some of the example projects you made?

Segment 3 - First month on the job

  • How many interviews did you end up getting, and how many positions did you apply for?
  • How did the interview process play out?
  • What did you end up doing in your first week?
  • Are you applying the skills you learned in your schooling to your daily work, if yes then how?
  • How challenging has it been adapting to your new job, this being your first web development one?

Segment 4 - Comparisons of Class Training vs Self-Taught

We worked together on the very first steps of The Appex, where you were fresh out of the code academy, whereas I more or less self-taught frontend development to myself.

    • What do you think about class training vs the self-taught mentality?
      • Pros and Cons?
    • How much have you had to self-teach yourself after working on projects outside of your schooling?
      • I think you mentioned learning flexbox as an example?


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