In this tidbit episode we discuss our code challenge, announcing official dates, and other considerations that we've thought up over the past few weeks. 

We'll be calling our PWA (Progressive Web App) "No BS News for Reddit" and will be using: flexbox, Vue.js, and service workers to accomplish our task. The challenge will comprise of us trying to complete this app within a 24-hour period. As a PWA, we will be running it on Digital Ocean for hosting, which will also be our finish line. More specifically our goal will be to develop the app to completion, and have a functioning product live on our hosting package. We plan on releasing this app on an app store, or two, however, this will not be apart of the challenge. In addition, any time-based approvals (ie if Adsense needs to approve to run ads on the site) will not be apart of the challenge. We will work around them the best we can to provide an app that people can use before the 24-hour window closes. Before the challenge begins we're allowing ourselves research and design, but no development on the app itself - that will be all saved for the code challenge window.


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