In this episode we explore our failures and shortcomings on a variety of our projects ranging from a stock photo resource to a fully-fledged Chrome App game.

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Segment 1 - Starting Up

  • Originally going to be an IT company
  • Opportunity caused us to pivot before the opportunity fell through
  • Decided to continue working in the web development and design field

Segment 2 - Lists by Design

  • Product Page: Link
  • First Chrome extension 
  • Was mean't to be a bookmarks replacer
  • Added a lot of functionality that bookmarks don't have

Segment 3 - Clicks to Riches

  • Product Page: Link
  • Clicker/Idle game in the form of a Chrome App
  • Was supposed to be a smaller version of a larger project
  • Designed to generate revenue whilst working on the larger project

Segment 4 - Free Photos Hamilton

  • Website: Link
  • Free stock photo resouce
  • Designed to offer free photos, focussing on the local area of Hamilton, Ontario

Segment 5 - Dealing and Mitigating Failure

  • How to deal with failure and get ready for it before it even happens
  • Always learn new things even if a project has failed totally

Web News - Windows vs MacOS

  • The age old argument, who will win?

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