In this episode we dive into the the Front-End Developer Roadmap by Kamran Ahmed, going through all the technologies you need to learn from the basics, through the mastery phase of your career.

Segment 1 - Roadmap Discussion

Segment 2 - Update on HTML All The Things

  • Authentication for admins was added to edit the site
  • Pagination with infinite scroll was added
  • Major code refactoring
    • Created components out of reusable code
    • Got rid of redundant variable setting
  • Deployed database and server authentication on our Digital Ocean docker setup
  • Messed around with nginx configuration files

Web News - Microsoft Office vs Google Docs

  • Microsoft Office has a premium paid-for desktop experience in the form of the Office Suite (main programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint) they also have a free Office Online counterpart that work at a basic level for editing, and allow people to view documents online

    • This plugs into OneDrive (desktop app, web app, and mobile app)
    • Both versions talk and work with each other
  • Google Docs has a similar offering, however, it is free.
    • Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are the main programs within this suite.
    • Integrate well with Google Drive and have collaboration features
    • They have desktop “apps” if you’re using Chrome, as well as Chromebook apps and smartphone apps.

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