Getting details from your customers can be a challenging experience, but it is vital so that you can deliver a complete produce on time.

Segment 1 - The Contact

  • There are a lot of way that customers can contact you
  • Some clients want to be hands-on, some want to hand over everything to you - the professional, and others get right to the point
  • Despite how many details these customers give you, every project has a unique spin on it, even if it seems run of the mill, this makes it vital that your communication is on point
  • Sometimes you need to resist customers requests/demands in order to deliver a complete and quality product (ie refusing to move forward on a project that hasn't had enough details communicated to begin accurately)

Segment 2 - Gather Project Requirements

  • Before sending the first quote we need to know what the client needs us to do
  • Ensure that you ask the right questions to get all the information you need, clients generally don't know how many details you need

When we work on a small business site some of the sample questions we might ask include:

  1. How do your current clients find you?
  2. If you have a site currently, what are some things you like about it, what are the things you really don't like
  3. What is the intention with the new site, generate leads? Just a digital business card/a way to for people to find your phone number?
  4. Who are your biggest competitors? And which of their sites do you like the most?
  5. Do you have a database of products you want displayed on the site?
  6. Do you want to be able to edit the main components of the site yourself?
  7. How important is the google rank to you?
  8. Do you see your website expanding in some way? Becoming a web app? Or growing a lot? Having a team of editors?
  • Generally you should gather details over a personal meeting or screen share
  • After gathering the details you can start creating the basis of the project including details on time to completion and what will be required
  • This is a major component in your quote for a client

Segment 3 - Changing Project Requirements

  • Changes can suddenly happen, even in the middle of a project
  • They can be brought on by customer preferences, market conditions, or company-wide strategy changes of some sort
  • When a project requirement changes, especially when it drastically changes from the original vision, it often falls to you as the creator to make the appropriate changes
  • It’s important to have a layout of what you’re willing to do with a client before you begin any work and to have a similar layout for what you're willing to do about changes that arise

Web News - What do yo want from a phone/Android launcher?


  • We all have different needs and wants from our mobile devices, they’re an extension of us and the main way the people communicate with one another these days
  • With that being said, they’re still mobile computers and can be used for a wide variety of tasks from working on the go, taking photos, chatting with friends, and much more.
  • With different use cases comes a variety of user preferences in terms of hardware and software
  • Are you a fan of Android fragmentation, or is there too much variation?


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