In this episode we dive deep on how to tackle projects, whether they be something for the company, or something for a client. We take a look at the tools we use to organize it all, and how we stay on top of working in a small team.

Segment 1 - Idea Filtering

  • Brainstorming and how to track it all

    • Jot down informal notes, even if ideas are obviously bad
    • Sleep on your ideas - don't develop them too much too quickly or you'll get ahead of yourself
    • Sometimes you get a "packed idea" that needs attention immediately
  • Bouncing ideas off of technical and non-technical people
  • Live prototyping of easy to try ideas
  • Having meetings to filter the good from the bad
  • Grilling each others ideas - will the product make it in the market?

Segment 2 - Planning With and Using Tools

  • Using a variety of tools for communication and organization

    • Examples: Slack, Twist,, Asana, Git (gitlab, github, bitbucket), email/contacts/calendar, trello, etc.
  • Our procedure on handling projects that we do for ourselves (for Digital Dynasty Design)
  • Day to day tools including things like: Google Hangouts, Git, OneDrive, Trello, Asana

Segment 3 - Client Work vs Personal Projects

  • Matt works on small business client work as well as any projects that Digital Dyansty Design has running
  • Mike focuses on client works and assists with Digital Dynasty Design projects whenver he can
  • We treat client projecs differently than our own projects
    • Get client objectives written down crystal clear
    • Cost analysis
    • Deadlines
    • Design suggestions and comparative materials
    • Daily Meetings
  • Dealing with client and personal schedule needs

Segment 4 - Completion and Accountability

  • Accountability is difficult when you're your own boss
  • Need dicipline and hard deadlines that you need to keep
  • Sometimes deadlines need to be changed due to project changes or other issues, but don't make a habit of it
  • Fill out a log book to keep track of the work you do on a daily basis

Web News - Stress When Deploying to Production 

  • Even senior developers get stress when they are pushing to production
  • Make backups, make an easy recovery path if possible
  • Test everything you can to prepare

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