In this episode, Matt and Mike discuss proposing projects to your team in the early stages of an idea. When talking to your team with an idea, it's a lot less formal than preparing research and documentation for an investor, for example. Instead, the idea needs to be mostly flushed out, with some small holes that your team, or additional research can easily remedy. You need and want to sell your team on your idea, so the idea needs to be presented in such a way that you get them excited or interested, not bored and rolling their eyes. Over time as you present ideas to the same people over and over, you'll hone your presentation skills and know what certain people expect in your proposal For example, if there's an accountant on the team, they might want rough numbers on how much it'll cost to make right out of the gate, or may your UX expert wants to know the target audience and devices right away.

This week's episode went a little longer than expected so we've spun off our Web News portion in a tidbit that will be published later this week!

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