In this episode we discuss our journey from static and CMS driven sites to reactive frameworks, specifically Vue.js.

Segment 1 - Static to Reactive

  • Started by creating simple static sites - no need for reactive elements
  • When dynamic/reactive content was needed we would use document.createElement

Segment 2 - CMS to Reactive

  • We would use Wordpress, CouchCMS, or Webflow for any content management that our users would need
  • Eventually elements became too varied and a dynamic solution was needed - reactive frameworks
  • The "Hub" presented a unique issue of not having a standard layout while still being "posts" (the episode clarifies this point)

Segment 3 - How We Plan to Use Vue.js

  • Quick start guide for people to get up and running
  • HexDash a collaborative project that people can contribute to
  • Vue.js components - great for reusability
  • Vue.js will be used in the making of the HTML All The Things website

Segment 4 - Matt's Experience Getting Quickly Started with Vue.js

  • Moving over from a typical experience using vanilla HTML/CSS/JS, SASS, Bootstrap, Webflow, or CouchCMS
  • Prior experience with CLI and NPM
  • First time using Visual Studio Code

Web News - Trendy & Loud vs Silence

  • NodeJS vs PHP
  • Big frameworks vs old ones
    • WordPress power 31% of the internet (Source:
    • WordPress vs Webflow
    • Workflow conflicts
  • Are freelancers using bleeding edge technology, while the rest of the industry (specifically big enterprise) still using "old" tech?
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