The Customer Experience

In this episode Matt and Mike discuss the customer experience from the start of their project, through completion, and everything that may come after that. When a customer asks you for your help with something it's important that their experience is as comfortable as possible, ensuring that everything you'll be doing is clear and concise, the customer is kept up-to-date (within reason), and that the customer is only contacted when absolutely necessary. With so many other development agencies out there, you need to stand out - your customer experience may be that one key factor that brings more customers to you and not your competitors. Then in the weekly Web News we discuss working too hard. Often times new developers (junior developers) are required, or encourages, to work a lot of overtime - sometimes 60-80 hours per week - with little to no extra compensation on top of their salaries. Is this fair? Should anyone (even newbies) be working this hard, or this much? What about work-life balance?

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