In this episode we discuss our different workflows individually and collaboratively as a company. 

Segment 1 - Infrastructure

  • Started out using OneDrive
  • Later started using BitBucket and GitHub
  • Version control was needed more as projects grew in productivity

Segment 2 - Mike's Workflow

  • Primary IDE is VS Code
  • Xcode and Android Studio whenever a project calls for it
  • Asana and Todoist
  • Xampp
  • Daily routine

Segment 3 - Matt's Workflow

  • Notepad++
  • CMD
  • Chrome
  • Testing browsers
  • Balsamiq Cloud
  • Workflow for small business basic site
  • Workflow for projects

Segment 4 - Working Together/Collaborative Workflow

  • Working together on OneDrive
  • Dividing up parts of projects
  • Code reviews/peer reviews
  • Project management software
  • Whiteboard project management

Web News - App Overload

  • Discussion on how to manage app overload
  • There are so many solutions to every problem and many of them have apps, this can cause app overload if you work on several projects.
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